What Clients Think 2017

Up to the Light, in association with the DBA, conducted 455 telephone interviews with design clients to produce the What Clients Think 2017 report. It's an interesting an insightful read for anyone in the industry. The first thing that stood out was that most clients don't actively follow their designers on social media.

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Pimp Your CV: CV Redesign Service

It turns out, there are a lot of ugly CVs being used out there. When I was hiring designers a couple of months ago, I received an influx of resumés. Most of them were like works of art. You can imagine – eager designers keen to make an impression. Some were a little bizarre, but most were great. Designers have a real knack for effectively conveying information in a visually appealing way.

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Sexy Fonts: December 2015

Two fonts that I've recently discovered that look amazing using in anything fashion/beauty related. The serifs and ligatures wouldn't look out of place in a Vogue editorial. These two are a bit pricey but a lot of artistic talent has gone into them and they're well worth the money is used frequently. Click on the image previews below to purchase the fonts.

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Logo Tips for Clients

Great logos aren't easy to create. Even the most simple logos often involve an entire team of experts generating concept after concept before one direction is chosen to move forward. There's so much to consider — the visual side (colour palette, typography, pictorials, etc.) as well as the marketing and psychological side (how the logo will appeal to its target demographic). Below are my top tips for clients to keep in mind when setting a brief for their company's logo design.

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Sexy Fonts: September 2015

I come across so many beautiful typefaces on a daily basis and thought I'd make a regular habit of sharing a few of them. These are a few elegant and contemporary fonts that I've recently discovered, some are free downloads but a couple require purchasing a license – they're so well crafted and unique that they're definitely worth the price! Click on the image previews below to purchase/download the fonts.

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What Your Logo Colour Says About Your Business

Your logo could make or break your business. It is usually the first element of your brand that clients and customers are exposed to, so getting it right is essential. Colour is a vital part of any brand. When implemented successfully, it can trigger feelings and desires in potential customers.

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How to Market Your Brand Without a Budget

In today's competitive market, building a brand and getting noticed can be an overwhelming challenge. Not many local start-ups have the luxuries of investors or a hefty marketing budget to put their product or service in the sights of a sea of potential customers, so how do you grow your brand organically? 1. Focus on your product or service. Make sure what you're offering to customers is literally outstanding

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Think of graphic design like getting a haircut.

Do you cut your own hair? If you answered yes, graphic design services probably aren’t for you. If you answered no, why not? Is it because you’d rather leave your appearance to a qualified professional? Someone with experience? Someone who will do a better job than you could?

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