What Clients Think 2017

Up to the Light, in association with the DBA, conducted 455 telephone interviews with design clients to produce the What Clients Think 2017 report. It's an interesting an insightful read for anyone in the industry. The first thing that stood out was that most clients don't actively follow their designers on social media.

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Pimp Your CV: CV Redesign Service

It turns out, there are a lot of ugly CVs being used out there. When I was hiring designers a couple of months ago, I received an influx of resumés. Most of them were like works of art. You can imagine – eager designers keen to make an impression. Some were a little bizarre, but most were great. Designers have a real knack for effectively conveying information in a visually appealing way.

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How to Market Your Brand Without a Budget

In today's competitive market, building a brand and getting noticed can be an overwhelming challenge. Not many local start-ups have the luxuries of investors or a hefty marketing budget to put their product or service in the sights of a sea of potential customers, so how do you grow your brand organically? 1. Focus on your product or service. Make sure what you're offering to customers is literally outstanding

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