Do you cut your own hair?

If you answered yes, graphic design services probably aren’t for you.

If you answered no, why not?

Is it because you’d rather leave your appearance to a qualified professional? Someone with experience? Someone who will do a better job than you could?

Of course. None of us want to walk around with a long patch that we missed at the back of our heads. We wouldn’t be taken seriously, and there’d be a few sniggers behind our backs.

But even among hairdressers, there’s some serious variation between pricing and reputation. Local shopping centres will have $10 Trim Specials, whereas higher-end salons charge from $75 for a cut.

I’m a firm believer of the phrase “you get what you pay for”. A friend of mine recently got one of those $10 cuts and I felt pity for the poor guy after he was left with what nearly resembled a bald patch at the back of his head.

The expertise of a professional costs money. In most cases, the price a professional charges for their services aligns with the experience and quality they can offer their client.

There are two types of clients: those who understand this and those who don’t.

The number of graphic design services available today is at an unprecedented high. There’s something out there to suit any demand and budget. Students are available for cheap hourly rates, more experienced freelancers generally charge higher, and then there are design studios that employ talented specialists to form a super-team of experts in their own respective fields.

There is so much more strategy to graphic design than non-designers think. It’s not about having a logo made with your favourite colours and a font that you like. Ask yourself:

  • Does my logo capture what my business is about? Does it stand out among my competitors? Can the logo be applied to all branded material (website, business cards, signage, company car)?
  • Is my website easy to navigate? Is the most important information positioned where visitors will look first?
  • Is my online store easy for customers to use? Is it easy for me to manage?
  • How will people search for my website? Will it appear highly ranked in Google?
  • Do I want my business to look professional visually?


If any of the above are important to you, hire an experienced professional.