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At BVN Creative our aim is to capture your business personality through analysis, research and refinement to find the perfect visual expression of your company identity. We offer full Brand Management to ensure our client’s image is strongly represented in all forms of print and digital media.


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At BVN Creative our aim is to capture your business personality through analysis, research and refinement to find the perfect visual expression of your company identity. We offer full Brand Management to ensure our client’s image is strongly represented in all forms of print and digital media.


Our process begins by viewing all the existing visual material being used by our client, both online and in print, while familiarising ourselves without client’s business goals. The end result of a design audit is a detailed analysis of all existing visual material and an action plan to ensure our client’s brand is represented consistently in all forms of media – business cards, stationery, signage, brochures and online. We provide an objective view on how our clients rank among their competitors. We investigate competitors’ visual identities and marketing avenues, reporting back to our clients on the current market and advise cutting-edge methods as to how they can claim a wider market share. As we enter the digital age, the way businesses market themselves must adapt to embrace new forms of online media. There may be new, innovative ways of presenting a business to customers which is yet to be explored by our clients. A design audit can put forward these ideas to consider moving forward.


A strong brand captures the essence of what an organisation or product stands for. We don’t just create logos for businesses – we utilise our prior analysis and research to develop the brand of each business we work with, helping them promote what makes them unique.


The purpose of a Brand Guidelines Document is to establish a visual protocol that ensures a consistent corporate image is maintained across all marketing and public relations endeavours. A Brand Guidelines Document can vary from a simple guide entailing brand colours, fonts and logo use, to more comprehensive guidelines for brand positioning and culture. Brand Guidelines are particularly useful in organisations where entire teams or several departments utilise company branding in their work – the document will ensure all staff use the branding consistently.


A corporate identity is the implementation of a brand logo into core stationery items such as business cards, letterheads, compliments slips and branded envelopes. We work with our client’s brand to create an enviable corporate identity set that best represents their organisation’s values.


The design process doesn’t necessarily end with sending our clients the ­final artwork ­files. With pre-press experience, we can also co-ordinate the printing process to ensure clients receive high quality collateral at a reasonable price. Our contact list includes a number of suppliers who specialise in a range of ­niches – from simple digital printing to special embellishments such as spot varnish or embossing to really make a design stand out. We shop around with a number of suppliers to ensure you receive a competitive quote. We also offer advice on stock options, inspect proofs with our design eye, and organise delivery to your door.


BVN Creative specialises in creating contemporary advertisements that showcase our clients’ products and services. We manage the entire process from initial concept to delivering the print-ready files to the publisher upon completion.


Web design is critical to the success of a organisation. Website layout and interface design must apply a certain set of standards and fundamental principles in order to successfully engage an audience and communicate key messages. Functionality and user engagement is integral. These factors are all taken into consideration when designing the framework and structure of our websites, with intuitive navigation and layout a vital factor in retaining visitors and ultimately, to achieve sales for a business. We can also assist with setting up domain names, hosting and Google Analytics.


Many businesses rely on an online store for a substantial percentage of their sales. BVN Creative can assist in the setup of an e-commerce system that allows customers to purchase products using PayPal or a fully integrated payment processing system. A CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress is a tool allowing clients to independently manage their own website. Website content is able to be created and managed with little or no knowledge of coding. We set up these systems, apply branding and transfer the completed product to the client who then has complete control over their own content.

EDM (Email marketing)

Email newsletters are a cost-effective marketing solution and can reach a wide audience instantly. BVN Creative can assist with the design and distribution of email marketing collateral. We can create branded responsive email templates that integrate with popular distribution services such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, or, for a unique email every time, we can design something special, convert it into HTML and import it into your distributor, ready to send. We can also set up a mailing database and integrate a newsletter signup form into your website.


BVN Creative can assist with the setup of social media accounts and create stylish graphics for a professional and consistent online image. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something completely new, we can have it up and running, and most importantly, interlinking with your website for a well represented brand with a high search engine ranking. Social media is a crucial tool for businesses today and providing valuable and engaging content is vital to capturing an audience, getting return visitors and building brand awareness and trust.


With years of expercience in the web and social media environment, we are here to equip our clients with the tools they need for a thriving online presence.


With qualications in layout and publication design, we’re experts in creating
multi-page publications – Books, Catalogues, Media Kits and Annual Reports are just some of the pieces we’ve been working on lately. We know printers’ specications inside out and will set up artwork accordingly for a smooth project from concept to the nal printed product.


Marketing material such as brochures and flyers are a physical representation of a brand and must reflect this in design and execution. They represent an identity and convey a message – informative or a call to action. It is therefore vital that all marketing material is eye-catching, professional and consistent with a brand’s image.


Packaging is a key reflection of a brand. It must tell story, engage consumers and encourage a long term relationship with the product and brand. With experience designing for well known brands like Remington and Russell Hobbs, we know what is required for packaging to be of the highest standard and we apply these elements in all of our work.


Many of our clients require product photography from time to time. We travel on location with our professional equipment for photography shoots, then Photoshop the images so they are ready for showcase in print or web.


We’re experts when it comes to Photoshop. Whether it’s retouching, colour correcting, clipping, resizing, blending or enhancing, we are condent we can impress our clients.


BVN Creative specialises in creating contemporary advertisements that showcase our clients’ products and services. We manage the entire process from inital concept to delivering the print-ready les to the publisher upon completion.


Many businesses advertise in a broad variety of media – print, web, social media being the most common. We work with our client’s brand to establish a uniform ‘style’ that is used in all forms of communication – website, advertising, marketing material & more – so that their brand is consistent and therefore more recogniseable across the board, across print and digital media.


We have years of experience designing advertisements for high-end design and architecture publications. As qualied Communication Designers we know how to convey a message in a succinct and visually enticing manner. Our focus is utilising each element of design – layout, hierarchy, typography and colour – to ensure our clients’ products or services are portrayed effectively and professionally.


Online advertising is becoming more prominent with instant customer engagement and trackable statistics. BVN Creative can design and build digital ads including static JPEGs, animated GIFs and Flash SWFs, and create standout ad campaigns for social media. We utilise the limited space of an online ad to highlight key selling points and provide an enticing Call to Action.