BVN Creative is a design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Our clients vary in their needs and range from sole traders to medium-sized companies. Our designers are versatile and can adapt to any brand – whether it be a fashion retailer or accountant.


Stylish. Contemporary.

At the helm of BVN Creative is Alana Biviano, a dedicated designer with experience working in a number of agencies and online giant The Catch Group. With qualifications in Communication Design, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Self-Promotion and Entrepreneurship, Alana is responsible for the design and art direction of all BVN Creative’s pieces to ensure clients recieve visually stunning design solutions that work.

BVN Creative has a reputation of stylish contemporary design, close attention to detail and personalised customer service. We believe that design and marketing is what sets a business ahead of its competitors.


These are some of the brands that turn to BVN Creative for their design & marketing needs: